Cripta747, Turin, IT

Spectrum, New York, US

Radialsystem, Berlin, DE


Sonikas, Madrid, ES

Victoria Rooms, Bristol, GB

Sentralen, Oslo, NO

Cafe OTO (with John Macedo), London, GB

The Patio: Arcade Invites Syndicate,

London, GB


Cut & Splice 2017, Manchester, GB


Ambika P3, London, GB

Call & Response, London, GB

Darmstadt International Summer Course

for New Music 2016, Darmstadt, DE

Les Brasseurs, Liège, BE

LUFF 2016, Lusanne, CH


Audiorama, Stockholm, SE

Bundeshaus zu Wiedikon, Zurich, CH

Cafe OTO (with Erik Nyström), London, GB

Heart of Noise 2015, Innsbruck, Austria

IGNM, Basel, CH

Rye Wax (with Erik Nyström), London, GB


Block 336 (with Erik Nyström), London, GB

Fylkingen (with Erik Nyström),

Stockholm, SE

International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester, GB


JIM 2013, Paris, FR

MACBA, Barcelona, ES

Roca London Gallery, London, GB


ACMC 2012, Brisbane, AU

Audio Mostly 2012, Corfu Town, GR

Dom Muz, Torun, PL

iFIMPaC, Leeds, GB

ISMIR 2012, Porto, PT

Ramas Generales, Santa Fe, AR

Studio 300 Festival, Kentucky, US

TES 2012, Toronto, CA


Ai-maako 2011, Valdivia, CL

Fylkingen, Stockholm, SE

IDKA, Gävle, SE

KAPU, Linz, AT

Sonic Rain Concert Series, Oregon, US

Transitio_MX 04, Mexico City, MX

Tsonami 2011, Buenos Aires, AR


Music Under the Influence of Computers,

San Diego, US

Sonic Vigil V, Cork, IE

SSSP10, Leicester, GB

UNC CHAT Digital Arts Festival 2010,

North Carolina, US


Sonic Arts Expo 2009, Leeds, GB


Lee Fraser is a British composer working in the field of electroacoustic music. He has a PhD in electroacoustic composition from the University of Manchester, which was supervised by David Berezan and funded by the AHRC. Prior to this, he studied composition wth Frank Denyer at Dartington College of Arts and Denis Smalley at City University London. His recent work is characterised by its concern with synthesised sound objects and complex auditory experiences, drawing from his interest in digital synthesis, psychoacoustics and acousmatic theory.

In addition to his fixed media work, Lee regularly performs in a live capacity, both solo and in collaboration with other artists. His music has been presented in concerts, festivals and radio broadcasts internationally and he has received numerous awards, acknowledgments and commissions. Many of his compositions have been published by Entr’acte (2014) and Ge-stell (2018).



Hear and Now, BBC Radio 3, GB

Late Junction, BBC Radio 3, GB

Musikszene, Deutschlandfunk, DE

Neue Musik, Deutschlandfunk, DE


Hear and Now, BBC Radio 3, GB

Late Junction, BBC Radio 3, GB

Neue Musik, Deutschlandfunk, DE


Zeit-Ton extended, Ö1, AT


Des aventures sonores,

France Musique, FR

Electrain de nuit, France Musique, FR

Nova, RTÉ lyric fm, IE