18.01.18 Live performance: SOLO:DUO:TRIO at Oto Project Space, London. 23.10.17 Live performance: Cafe Oto, London. 8.8.17 Pline Expol A: Musikszene (89.6 FM, Germany) / 13.6.17 Pline Expol A: Neue Musik (89.6 FM, Germany) / 1.4.17 Reliq Ens (live recording): Hear and Now (90.2-92.6 FM, UK). 11.3.17 Reliq Ens (premiere): Cut & Splice at Hallé St Peter's, Manchester. 9.3.17 Thews and Limbs: Late Junction (90.2-92.6 FM, UK). 6.12.16 Live performance: Strange Objects / Weird Realism at Ambika P3, London. 28.10.16 Live performance: Cafe Oto, London. 27.10.17 Pline Expol A: Neue Musik (89.6 FM, Germany) / 20.10.16 Live performance: LUFF 2016, Lausanne, Switzerland. 5.10.16 Pline Expol A: Late Junction (90.2-92.6 FM, UK). 30.8.16 Pline Expol A: Borealis Listening Club at Sentralbadet, Bergen, Norway. 7.8.16 Pline Expol A (Premiere): Darmstadt International Summer Course for New Music at Centralstation, Darmstadt, Germany. 6.8.16 Live performance: Darmstadt International Summer Course for New Music at Galerie Kurzweil, Darmstadt, Germany. 30.6.16 Pline Expol A (preview of work in progress): The Wonder Inn, Manchester. 2.4.16 Live performance: Les Brasseurs, Liège, Belgium. 19.3.16 Stheno (live recording): Hear and Now (90.2-92.6 FM, UK). 19.3.16 Live performance: Concrete Matters at Bank Space Gallery, London. 26.2.16 Resin (premiere) & The Visions of Ezekiel: Call & Response, London. 17.2.16 Resin: MiniBEAST at the University of Birmingham. 2.2.16 Stheno: Kammer Klang at Cafe Oto, London. 12.15 Live performance: Dissolve Specific Objects at Cafe Oto, London. 9.11.15 Stheno: Bundeshaus zu Wiedikon, Zurich, Switzerland. 20.6.15 Live performance: Heart of Noise 2015, Innsbruck, Austria. 19.6.15 Thews and Limbs (plus short interview): Zeit-Ton extended (87.6 FM, Austria). 12.5.15 Duo with Erik Nyström: Sound/Place Exhibition at St James Hatcham, London. 20.4.15 Live performance: Cafe Oto, London. 28.3.15 Stheno: Audiorama, Stockholm, Sweden. 26.2.15 Duo with Erik Nyström: Dissolve Specific Objects at Rye Wax, London. 23.2.15 Duo with Erik Nyström: Fylkingen at Cafe Oto, London. 7.2.15 Trio with Roberto Crippa and Erik Nyström; Duo with Erik Nyström: Sounding the Great Hall at Goldsmiths, London. 29.1.15 Stheno: IGNM, Basel, Switzerland. 10.12.14 Duo with Erik Nyström: Power Lunches, London. 28.11.14 Duo with Erik Nyström: Morphogenèse at Block 336, London. 25.11.14 Thews and Limbs: Des aventures sonores (91.7 FM, Paris, France). 10.9.14 Duo with Erik Nyström: Club Lamour at Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden. 3.8.14 The Visions of Ezekiel: Nova (96.7-99.6 FM, Ireland). 20.6.14 Thews and Limbs: Splice-Free (90.3 FM and 106.7 FM, Minnesota, USA). 15.6.14 The Visions of Ezekiel: Electrain de nuit (91.7 FM, Paris, France). 2.5.14 Thews and Limbs: Fractal Meat ( 1.3.14 to 2.3.14 Aerial Vapours: MANTIS 10 Years Festival at the University of Manchester. 30.01.14 Stheno: International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Manchester (premiere). 28.11.13 Thews and Limbs: Adventures In Sound And Music (104.4 FM, London). 28.10.13 The Visions of Ezekiel: Sonic Interactions IV at Capstone Theatre, Liverpool. 10.10.13 The Visions of Ezekiel: LEM Festival at MACBA, Barcelona, Spain. 14.5.13 The Visions of Ezekiel: JIM 2013 at the Université de Paris 8, France. 3.5.13 Narrows: Flow Fields at Roca London Gallery. 28.4.13 The Visions of Ezekiel: Holy Trinity Church Hall, Liverpool. 21.3.13 to 24.3.13 Thews and Limbs & The Visions of Ezekiel: Salford Sonic Fusion Festival 2013 at the University of Salford. 3.3.13 The Visions of Ezekiel: MANTIS Festival at the University of Manchester (premiere). 9.11.12 and 13.11.12 Aerial Vapours: radioCona:FIELD (88.8 MHz, Ljubljana, Slovenia). 27.10.12 Thews and Limbs: MANTIS Festival at the University of Manchester (premiere). 9.10.12 Aerial Vapours: ISMIR 2012 at Mosteiro de São Bento da Vitória, Porto, Portugal. 28.9.12 to 5.10.12 Aerial Vapours: Urban Observatory 2012 at Dom Muz, Torun, Poland. 28.9.12 to 29.9.12 Aerial Vapours: Studio 300 Festival at Transylvania University, Kentucky, USA. 27.9.12 Aerial Vapours: Audio Mostly 2012 at the Municipal Theatre, Corfu Town, Corfu. 18.8.12 Aerial Vapours: TES 2012 at Wychwood Barns, Toronto, Canada. 28.7.12 Aerial Vapours: The Global Composition at Hochschule Darmstadt, Germany. 12.7.12 Aerial Vapours: ACMC 2012 at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia. 6.7.12 Aerial Vapours: AIR/EAR at Ramas Generales, Santa Fe, Argentina. 28.6.12 Aerial Vapours: RadiaLx 2012 (88.4 FM, Lisbon, Portugal). 4.5.12 Narrows: ULTRA DISCO (90.7 FM, New York, USA). 27.4.12 Aerial Vapours: iFIMPaC at Leeds College of Music. 22.3.12 Aerial Vapours: MANTIS at Kingston University, London. 27.2.12 to 1.3.12 Narrows: Nachtradiofestival Radio Arts Space (88.4 MHz, Berlin, and 90.7 MHz, Potsdam, Germany). 7.12.11 to 16.12.11 Narrows: Radio Arts Space broadcast (88.8 MHz, Ljubljana, Slovenia), exhibition (ŠKUC Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia) and online stream ( 16.11.11 to 20.11.11 Narrows: B-link 2011 at UK Parobrod, Belgrade, Serbia. 29.10.11 Aerial Vapours: MANTIS Festival at the University of Manchester. 26.10.11 Aerial Vapours: City Sounds at Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden. 25.10.11 Aerial Vapours: City Sounds at IDKA, Gävle, Sweden (premiere). 20.10.11 Ply: Ai-maako 2011 at Teatro Lord Cochrane, Valdivia, Chile. 30.9.11 to 9.10.11 Ply: Transitio_MX 04 at Estudios Churubusco, Mexico City, Mexico. 2.9.11 to 5.9.11 Aerial Vapours: Sonorous Horreum at KAPU, Linz, Austria. 10.6.11 Ply: MANTIS Festival at the University of Manchester (premiere). 4.6.11 Ply: Radiophonic Creation Day. 15.5.11 Instantia Crucis: Sonic Rain Concert Series at the University of Oregon, USA. 12.5.11 Narrows: Tsonami 2011 at the Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 6.3.11 Instantia Crucis: OFF-MANTIS at Islington Mills, Salford. 5.3.11 Narrows: MANTIS Festival at the University of Manchester. 14.1.11 Narrows: Noisefloor Festival 2011 at Staffordshire University, Stafford. 16.9.10 to 19.9.10 Narrows: Música Viva Festival 2010 at Belém Arts Centre, Portugal. 17.7.10 Narrows: Sonic Vigil V at St. Fin Barre's Cathedral, Cork, Ireland. 3.6.10 Instantia Crucis: SSSP10 at De Monfort University, Leicester. 25.5.10 Narrows: Week of Speakers 2010 at the University of Huddersfield. 3.5.10 Narrows: Music Under the Influence of Computers at the University of California, San Diego, USA. 16.2.10 and 18.2.10 Instantia Crucis: UNC CHAT Digital Arts Festival 2010, North Carolina, USA. 1.12.9 to 31.12.9 Instantia Crucis: Elektramusic. 17.11.9 Narrows: City University, London (premiere). 26.9.9 to 27.9.9 Instania Crucis: Sonic Arts Expo 2009, Leeds. 12.9.9 Instantia Crucis: SEA Postgraduate Conference, Scarborough. 10.6.9 Instantia Crucis: City University, London (premiere). 23.5.9 Instantia Crucis: Radiophonic Creation Day. 29.4.8 Korrektur: Electricity at City University, London (premiere).