Dark Camber is now sold out at source. Some copies are still available at Art into Life, No Man's Land and directly from contact[at]




Premiere of Scii Tenaph, commissioned for Open Circuit 2018 (13.3.18)





Exclusive recording of Reliq Ens (plus short, edited interview) on BBC Radio 3’s Hear and Now / Late Junction on BBC Radio 3 (featuring Thews and Limbs) / Premiere of Reliq Ens at Cut & Splice 2017 (11.3.17), commissioned by Distractfold / Edited footage of performance at LUFF 2016 / Exclusive recording of Pline Expol A at Darmstadt International Summer Course for New Music featured on Deutschlandradio Kultur (27.10.16) / Late Junction on BBC Radio 3 (featuring Pline Expol A) / Live performance (6.8) and premiere of Pline Expol A (7.8) at Darmstadt International Summer Course for New Music / Suspended Magic: a selection of music and short text for webSYNradio / Exclusive recording of Stheno for BBC Radio 3's Hear and Now, commissioned and performed by Distractfold / 13.1 channel mixes of Resin and The Visions of Ezekiel for Call & Response / Review of Dark Camber by Robin Tomens / Short interview for Ö1, Austria / Dark Camber given album of 2014 by 5:4 / Dark Camber featured as one of the discs of the week on Des aventures sonores / Dark Camber review at 5:4 / Nova (featuring The Visions of Ezekiel / Electrain de nuit (featuring The Visions of Ezekiel) / Dark Camber review in The Wire / Dark Camber review at Boomkat / Dark Camber published by Entr'acte / The Art of Noise published by Monochrome Vision (featuring The Visions of Ezekiel) / The Wire - Adventures In Sound And Music (featuring Thews and Limbs) / Luigi Russolo Grand Prize / Res Extensa (mix for Entr'acte)